Cancellation Policy

Any applicant that fails to report for examination on the notified date will be required to submit a new application and fee before being rescheduled. The Board shall waive this requirement for any applicant only if sufficient proof is provided of the following circumstances:


  • Illness or Medical Condition of the applicant that prohibits them from reporting for examination.
  • Death, Illness or Medical Condition of the applicant's immediate family member that prohibits the applicant from reporting for the scheduled examination.

Changes to Cosmetology Instructor Examinations

Please be advised that as of October 14, 2015 any person applying for the Cosmetology Instructors Examination will only be scheduled during the following examination months.

·    November 2015                      
·    January 2016
·    March 2016
·    May 2016
·    June 2016
·    September 2016
·    November 2016

Required Dress for the Examination

Applicants are required to report for examinations wearing clean, professional attire. Absolutely NO DENIM JEANS OR SHORTS of any kind are permitted and any person reporting for examination wearing these articles of clothing will be required to leave the examination.